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It's a Small World...After all

With the number of students moving abroad in pursuit of better education and lives, welcoming migration laws in certain countries and more accessible travel, it's a small world now!

And while the globe continues to get more well connected we bring you a seamless platform that helps you explore properties, migration options, business and real estate investments across the world.

After studying several markets, property laws and realty around the world we bring you an innovative one stop shop for investing in overseas real estate.

While the world is getting smaller, we help you make your investment portfolio larger.

“A breakthrough platform in India, dedicated to marketing and selling International Investments.”

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Attracting investments has never been an issue in Asia because of the increasing human resources and steady development. With a hike in the buying power of the younger generations, people have the aspirations to move to wholesome and prosperous localities. What does this mean for an investor? The answer to that is one word, ‘opportunity'.

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There has been a steady growth in the high-quality commercial and residential real estate in several sectors in Africa. With the quality of living increasing and gradual growth in tourism Africa is definitely a hot spot for new investors since the market aspires to learn from other continents.

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The Americas
The Americas

With various cities like New York becoming more popular for investment because of condominiums as well as affordable housing, the spectrum of the type of real estate one can own is getting diversified in the American sector. Well if you invest in the country of dreams, you make dreams come true.

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Although certain countries in Europe have faced fiscal snags, the real estate sector has attracted investors from world over, owing to its landscape, advanced markets and return on investments. With the returns on investment from real estate being more attractive vis a vis living there, this market will always be a jewel for the investors.

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Australia & Oceania
Australia & Oceania

Australia is one of the most diverse, advanced economies in the world, making it a hot bed for investments. It has an abundance of natural resources and a great outback. It also has the beaches, the cities, moderate climate and a fantastic lifestyle. With education, tourism and pro sustainability approach being adopted here, investors should feel more than welcome to invest here.

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International Developers

Showcase your projects to investors in India on an innovative platform.

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International Developers

By listing with us you will get a host of benefits which include:

Exclusive Audience

Showcase to an exclusive pool of high profile Indians who have the capacity of investing in international properties.

Seamless Admin Panel

Upload your property data, photos, and descriptions on our hassle-free admin panel.

Account Management Support

Get your enquiries, lead translation requests, and general support from our team who will service you at all times.

Online Marketing & Promotions

Using various Online Marketing & Promotional Channels like social media, website, SEO and SEM we will offer you unparalleled access to Indian HNI investors.

  • Duration: 6 Months
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  • Duration: 1 Year
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Channel Partners

Partner with us to take your business global.

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Channel Partners

As we keep partnering with relevant overseas businesses, you keep getting access to a larger inventory of properties, investments & business options.

Product Training Seminars

No great sale was made without great product knowledge. We make sure that our channel partners understand everything that's a part of our inventory before touching base with the clients.

Interaction With Developers

We set up meetings between the developers and channel partners so that the developers strengths, interests and skills are fully understood by the channel partners. We make sure that both sides involved benefit from the association.

Exclusive Inventory

We scout very diligently looking for the best places around the world. We try to keep it exclusive, maintaining a standard when it comes to the type of people who are attracted to these projects.

Marketing Collateral Support

All of the real estate which features on our site will be supported by online marketing material which showcases the merit and substance of every property.

Assistance in organizing Site Visits

Our team helps coordinate, plan and set up site visits ensuring efficiency and timeliness for all the meetings.

Assistance from Krypton team on closures

The defining moment of every business deal is its closure. Our dedicated team is driven to get you the best conversion.

Business Generation Support

We also have a team in place to assist in lead generation and networking. Using our pool of clients and network, we're certain to help like-minded industry people in getting connected.

Very High Incentive Scheme

We keep our Channel partners motivated by giving them a highly rewarding payout for every conversion which they get for the company.

  • Duration: 1 Year
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Enjoy a bouquet of services like international property investments, migration services, Access to international tax and legal professionals. Setting up merging or acquiring businesses.

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If you are looking for overseas opportunities such as properties, migration, setting up your business or acquiring an existing business, Come explore with us. We offer

A Unique Selection of Global Property

Explore a continuously growing listings panel and find either the perfect second home or an investment property.

Market Analysis & Consumer Support

Our research team publishes market reports, research and news articles to provide you with the knowledge needed to make informed purchasing decisions. We also provide access to our Support Centre via a toll-free number, online enquiry forms, and social channels to get support for general enquiries.

Migration Services

We provide housing solutions for people who are looking to migrate to a foreign country keeping in mind their profile in mind. Our industry knowledge about the ever changing governing laws and our robust network helps us give you the best deal there is.

Ancillary Services

Have access to invaluable support to handhold you on your transaction process. Consult with our preferred legal partners and Tax consultants.


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