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Types of Visas Available in UAE

UAE Property Market continues to attract investors from all around the world. World-class infrastructure, flexible visa rules and promising rental yields are some of the main reasons why UAE always rules the roost when it comes to real estate investment. If you are also planning to invest in property in UAE and are wondering which…

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A Guide To Buying Your New London Home

Are you excited about buying your new London home but unsure of the steps you need to take? This general guide takes you through the practicalities and legal steps you will go through when buying your new London home. Understanding the buying process We understand that buying a new home can be a lengthy and…

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Real Estate


OVERSEAS REAL ESTATE! Real estate market has long been viewed as a safe yet profitable investment! But the stagnating domestic market, easy financing options globally and excellent rental returns there have made an attractive case to purchase overseas real estate. Governments like that of Australia and the United Arab Emirates are offering attractive incentives to…

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