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Benefitsfor channel partners
Product Training Seminars

No great sale was made without great product knowledge. We make sure that our channel partners understand everything that’s a part of our inventory before touching base with the clients.

Interaction with developers

We set up meetings between the developers and channel partners so that the developers strengths, interests and skills are fully understood by the channel partners. We make sure that both sides involved benefit from the association.

Exclusive Inventory

We scout very diligently looking for the best places around the world. We try to keep it exclusive, maintaining a standard when it comes to the type of people who are attracted to these projects.

Marketing Collateral Support

All of the real estate which features on our site will be supported by online marketing material which showcases the merit and substance of every property.

Assistance in organizing Site Visits

Our team helps coordinate, plan and set up site visits ensuring efficiency and timeliness for all the meetings.

Assistance from Krypton team on closures

The defining moment of every business deal is its closure. Our dedicated team is driven to get you the best conversion.

Very High Incentive Scheme

We keep our sales team motivated by giving them a highly rewarding payout for every conversion which they get for the company.

Regular high-end events for clients

We curate high-end events for our clients to help them boost their profile by showcasing their projects and gathering leads for upcoming projects.

On-Site visits for selected Channel Partners

We’ll organize site visits for our partnering associates so that they can understand the projects at hand more insightfully before working on them.