How Dubai property prices compare with global realty

Dubai, a city in the heart of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is widely known for its skyscrapers, infrastructure, and its lively and luxurious nightlife. Dubai is thoroughly blessed in abundance in terms of palatial properties and majestic apartments. Keeping aside all the splendid properties, Dubai is by far one of the least expensive places to reside and call it home. 

These are the benefits of property investments in Dubai:

  • With a significantly reasonable property price, it is one of the most rewarding locations in terms of returns. 
  • Properties in Dubai are comparatively cheap, with a 0% tax on property purchase and filing income returns.
  • Dubai is one of the safest investment destinations with an amazing environment and an infinite summer.  
  • Consistent growth and innovation has been evidently witnessed in Dubai.
  • Dubai followed by Abu Dhabi is one of the most desirable places to invest and purchase properties by investors globally. Dubai avails property buyers an eligibility to gain a resident visa dependent on purchase.

This lively modern city of the United Arab Emirates, known for its casinos and luxurious lifestyle is an emerging upcoming hotspot for investing in the whole of the middle east. Even though the prices in Dubai’s prime real estate locations are going through the roof, investors are still eager to embark in this city. Investors get an average of 8% yearly return on properties and as per experts, the real estate value will rise quickly giving you better future returns.

According to the Global Real estate index, Dubai’s real estate is fairly priced as compared to the housing markets of Asia, North America and Europe. With a 34th ranking on the latest global ranking of property hotspots, Dubai’s average cost is one of the lowest as compared to other prime destinations across the world. The average cost in one of the luxurious tourist destinations is approximately USD$8,400 per square metre and is one of the best places to invest to reap long-term benefits. With numerous ongoing changes evident in the real estate world, which has led to changes in the economic policies of these gulf countries in terms of properties and investments. 

The market of Dubai property is vividly different from that of other destinations, making it highly essential to be accompanied by professionals.  Krypton Global Investments, a team of real estate advisors dedicated to providing you the best investment property deals along with expert assistance.

Credit: Gulf News

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