Abu Dhabi: The world at your fingertips

The United Arab Emirates has a history of being a hotspot for tourists, and its capital, Abu Dhabi is right in the middle of the action.

With its world-class infrastructure, beautiful locations and progressive government reforms, this richest emirate of the UAE has positioned itself as one of the world’s most preferred destinations for both investment and retirement.

Abu Dhabi provides the lifestyle, comfort and luxury, perfect for someone looking to plant their roots. In Abu Dhabi, the world truly is at the tip of your fingers with its desert safaris, racing tracks, world-class facilities and of course beach activities. Here are just a few reasons why you should start planning long-term and consider investing in Abu Dhabi

1.Ideal Location

Situated in the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi features long stretches of beaches and tropical weather to indulge in. However, the natural beauty of Abu Dhabi’s location isn’t the only factor making this Emirate a retirement hotspot. Abu Dhabi is within a four-hour travel distance from some of the most breath-taking places in the world like Greece, Turkey, much of the Middle East amongst others, making travel for work or vacation, easy and accessible.

2. Culturally Accepting

Abu Dhabi is majorly made up of expats, giving the city a unique acceptance towards different nationalities. Abu Dhabi’s culturally rich population is drawn from various ethnicities, and is a testament to its vibrant lifestyle. People from all over the world have settled in the capital, providing a plethora of diversified foods, languages, dresses and traditions. The community being seasoned to different cultures is especially welcoming to new residents in the city.

3. Better Property Laws

The biggest attraction for people today to invest in properties in Abu Dhabi is the recent change in property laws. Under their new laws, the city now allows foreigners full ownership to properties in investment designated zones. Previously, the lease was capped at 99 years, hence making it difficult for foreign investment companies to set up long term shop. The recent change, termed as a game changer for property in the capital, has boosted investor confidence and is set to enhance transparency and long term investments in the market. The new laws also help individual investors establish a strong portfolio.

4. Ease of Acquiring Visa The UAE government has recently opened the doors to welcome new residents to the country. Now, acquiring a VISA is a simple process, and is valid for up to 10 years. Investors, expats and businessmen will benefit from the implementation of this law as it will not only ease their entry, but also those of their families. The families of investors and land property owners are also given consideration as they receive a spousal or dependent visa along with the primary visa holder.

5. A Grand Adventure

Life in Abu Dhabi is never dull. Known for its high-end lifestyle, the city is a feast for those who like to live life on a grand scale. With expansions happening at a rapid speed, there are new restaurants and hotels emerging regularly. A slew of 5-star luxury accommodations, variety of cuisines, not to mention the never-ending entertainment makes the city a blossoming hotspot. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the annual Formula One motor race, is one of the most anticipated events of the year and is star-studded with concerts and attractions.

Interested in learning more about life in Abu Dhabi? Get in touch with us at [email protected] to set up a  consultation on investing in Abu Dhabi.

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  1. Thameem

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    There are countless events in the UAE annually and thousands of visitors that flock the UAE through these events and exhibitions. The Expo 2020 is the highly-anticipated event in the UAE and is predicted to be the biggest in the history of UAE.

  2. mahima gupta

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    I only heard about that, not ever gone,,, bad luckly never got any chance to got o there… Bt i heared that is a desired place


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