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Real estate market has long been viewed as a safe yet profitable investment! But the stagnating domestic market, easy financing options globally and excellent rental returns there have made an attractive case to purchase overseas real estate. Governments like that of Australia and the United Arab Emirates are offering attractive incentives to boost foreign investment.

Here are 4 Investor perspectives on purchasing Overseas Real Estate:


Portfolio Diversification

Foreign Investments

Real estate is a tangible asset unlike the traditional investment portfolio of stocks and bonds. Investing in International property broadens the scope of investors portfolio. Purchasing overseas real estate is a tax-efficient investment especially with the newly introduced liberal government policies. The difference between home currency invested and foreign currency gained in return, is one big reason why such diversification is essential.

Although investing in overseas properties is often perceived as a difficult process; we at Krypton Global Investments have helped investors by making it a safe and hassle-free journey.

Cultural Experience


Owning a home in another country gives you the chance of living, dining, partying with and like the regional citizens. Not only do you get to experience the culture but also get to understand and adopt their values. The transition to a  foreign country becomes even more enriching for children. Their zeal for a new lifestyle or educational opportunities or career growth makes the transition worthy.

While investing in overseas real estate is a sure shot at gaining excellent returns; it is also once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to add flavor to your life.

Foreign Income

International Real Estate If you are one of the wise investors then your major goal would be to earn excellent income from overseas investments. Which points towards the expectation to gain returns that are comparatively higher than what could be earned in domestic markets. Such an overseas real estate investment brings rental returns that are as high as 11% when in India the returns are between 2-3% only.

Now that we have discussed the financial aspects of overseas investments; let’s discuss about the property locations. These apartments and villas are in one of the prime locations with the view of Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia  or just minutes away from the EXPO 2020 in U.A.E.

If you seek to purchase properties in the U.K., U.A.E.,  Australia or Malaysia; then you can reach out here for an Expert Consultancy.

Inflation Hedge

Overseas Investments

Real estate titans know the value of building a portfolio that is inflation-proof! While the Indian rupee may see economic lows; an investor knows that their investment future is safe overseas. As a matter of fact, such investments bring rental income in the currency that is appreciating and can even cover up the damage caused by depreciating domestic currency.

Overseas Real estate is unarguably the best inflation hedge that one can create. Of course there are thoughts that may not be in favor of overseas real estate investments. But when you weigh the doubts against the unbeatable returns on investment; this will surely be a convincing deal! 

As an investor, it may seem risky and difficult to enter an Overseas Real estate market. And we understand your concern which is why Krypton Global Investments handholds the investors right from curating the best real estate opportunity till finding tenants for your apartment or till completing the relocation process.

Make your first overseas investment with Krypton Global Investments! Reach out now for best opportunities.

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