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Why Your Next Investment Should be in Kuala Lumpur?

“Saya suka berada di sini” – or “I like it here” – is a phrase that investors are using more often when referring to Malaysia.

Malaysia has been a popular tourist destination for years with its white-sand beaches, blossoming foliage, and towering skyscrapers like the stunning Petronas Twin Towers. With significant developments in infrastructure, a proactive government, relatively affordable living, and multiple other benefits, the country is now increasingly seen as a promising real investment opportunity. Foreign investors have taken a keen interest in its capital Kuala Lumpur, a booming commercial and social hub of South-East Asia.

What are the benefits of investing in Kuala Lumpur?

  • International and National Connectivity – Kuala Lumpur has the advantage of being located in the middle of the trade route between China and India. Hailed as one of the busiest airports in Asia, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport recorded traffic of approximately 52.6 million passengers in 2017. A 6-8 hour flight from the capital can take you to all the other major Asian markets like Tokyo, Beijing or Hong Kong. The city itself has a well-connected public transport system consisting of state-of-the-art buses, trains and taxis.
  • Livability – Ranked among the top 10 cities in Asia to live in, Kuala Lumpur has emerged as a true cultural hub. With a population of 7.4 million people, the city is a study in diversity. The infrastructure, boasting of modernistic amenities in healthcare, education and accommodation, is an advantage that has been developing over the years. The city’s cultural diversity lends to its variety of cuisines, multilingual locals and shopping arcades.
  • Economic Evolution – The economic growth in Malaysia has been on a steady rise, due to its connectivity and rapid development. Kuala Lumpur has become a hot spot for corporates to make investments, and one of the major reasons is the human capital development. Ranked 4 in WEF’s Human Capital Index in 2016, the improvements made in the country’s education system has surely paid forward. Malaysia now possesses one of the most innovative, talented and diverse workforces, which is further bolstered by its attempts to establish a business-friendly environment. In 2017, it was also ranked the 5th position in ease of doing business by the World Bank.
  • Developed Infrastructure – Malaysia ranks high in the terms of networked readiness, with significant potential in taking advantage of the information technology and other sectors.  The rapid growth of the digital economy is supported by high-speed wireless connectivity and export of technological devices. Kuala Lumpur enjoys a certain degree of advantage over the rest of the country, owing to it being the capital of Malaysia, with developing structures like modern housings units, high-rise buildings, offices, hospitals and other infrastructures.
Real Estate

Why investing in Kuala Lumpur is especially beneficial for Indians?

Indian investors are always looking for foreign real estate that will be rewarding in the long-run. Due to the rising prices, the South Asian belt is becoming exceedingly expensive, however Kuala Lumpur possesses relatively affordable real estate amidst a progressive and advancing country. Apartments in Kuala Lumpur are currently fetching high rental yields and have significant scope for capital appreciation.

The distance from any major Indian city to Kuala Lumpur can be covered in a mere 4-5 hours flight, with connections from all major cities in India. The Visa Process for the country is hassle-free when you hold all the required documents. Malaysia also comprises of a large Indian community, with it being one of the major ethnic groups along with Malays and Chinese.

The country’s multicultural population, provision for education is exceptional, with options of schools offering  Indian curriculums; Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), International Baccalaureate (IB) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). There is also diversity in terms of religious customs being followed, languages spoken, making the city an attractive yet affordable option for Indian investors and

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